How The Toy Industry Can Support Our Asian-American Friends

Happy Vietnamese family hugging when photographing together

There is an upsetting wave of Anti-Asian activities taking place in the United States. There are stories almost every day of assaults against Asian-Americans, many of them against vulnerable senior citizens. This really hit home for me when I spoke with an Asian-American friend who told me that she was now far more aware when she went for a walk than in the past about her surroundings.

This should strike home for all of us who work in the toy industry. Due to our work, many of us have long-term, personal relationships with Asians and Asian-Americans. They are our friends, colleagues, and in some cases, business associates.

Let’s be among those who are supportive in these troubled times by speaking out and standing up for our friends. There are 12 million Asian-Americans living in the U.S., and they are our fastest-growing ethnic group.

Therefore, we can make sure that we are sufficiently representing Asian-Americans on our packaging and ads. We can also give more representation to Asian-Americans in the products we produce. And finally, our companies and institutions can play a role by simply making a statement of support and solidarity.

This time will pass, but there is much we can do to assure that this type of hostility to our fellow citizens will not be a part of our children and grandchildren’s lives.

If you have ideas on what we can do to be supportive, please write in and let us know.

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