Bricks and Mortar Is Coming Back. New Store Openings.

There is good news growing out of the bricks-and-mortar rubble of 2020. Retailers are back to opening new stores. It appears that most of the activity is coming from deep-discount retailers. (Note – Some sources differ from others in the number of openings, but most were within a few points of each other). There are closings taking place as well, but the number of openings far exceeds the number of closings.


Dollar General + 1050 new stores

Dollar Tree (Family Dollar) + 600 new stores.

Five Below + 170 new stores

Aldi + 100 new stores

TJX* + 76 new stores.

Ross Stores + 60 new stores

Target + 30 to 40 new stores

BJ’s + 6

Not everyone is in the bricks-and-mortar mood. Here are chains which have announced store closings:


Disney Stores – 60

Macy’s – 45

Bed, Bath & Beyond – 43

Best Buy – 20

*TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Sierra, Homesense

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