Shopping Reinvented: The Impact of Covid-19 on UK Retail & E-Commerce – Part 3

Utku Tansel, beyond being one of the nicest people I know, is also one of the smartest. Long experienced in researching and analyzing the consumer products industry, Utku has provided us with this look at the Covid-19 and its impact on the United Kingdom’s retail sector. His observations have value not only for those working in the U.K. but also in any country experiencing the impact that governmental preventative measures have on the health of the private sector economy. Below is part 3 of Utku’s 4 part series:

By Utku Tansel  LLB, MBA


Navigating the pandemic through innovation

In grocers, Aldi revealed a click-and-collect trial, offered 22-item food parcels and sold gift vouchers online to allow family, friends, and volunteers to shop for those who are unable to travel. Sainsbury’s also served up ‘Volunteer Shopping Cards’.

During the summer, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda tested virtual queuing systems, Waitrose partnered with Deliveroo for quick delivery and Co-op expanded its robot delivery service.  In September, Co-op unveiled a one-hour eco-friendly delivery app trial, Morrisons introduced home delivery subscription boxes and Tesco announced a 30-minute drone delivery trial.In consumer electronics retailers, Currys PC World revealed a live shopping function called ShopLive.

Additionally, independent bookstores also demonstrated how physical retail can reinvent itself like the launch of, a joint platform for independent bookstores to make online sales.

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