Global Toy Experts. 25 Years of Consulting with the Toy Industry

Well, that 25 years went by fast. It seems like just yesterday that I began consulting with toy companies. Bill Clinton was President, the O.J. Simpson trial was underway, the first Toy Story movie premiered, eBay was founded, and Amazon started selling books…and oh yes, Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight. Just kidding about the Wright Brothers…kind of. Twenty-five years feels like yesterday and a hundred years ago.

The business of play can be fun, painful, exotic, exciting, but rarely dull. I call our work experience the “Toy Highway,” and I so much appreciate your sharing the ride with me. Thank you all for your friendship, passion for our business, your love of toys, and what they mean for today’s children and tomorrow’s adults.

I look forward to continuing forward with my partner, friend, faithful critic, and the (sometimes) very funny Steve Velte. I am fortunate to have such a talented and forward thinking individual at my side.

Our journey continues on the long and winding “Toy Highway.”

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