Which Are the World’s Most Popular Plush Animals

The headline caught my eye, “The Top 150 Most Popular Stuffed Animals.” It also grabbed my imagination. Who would take the time to research the question: Which are the most popular plushies?

We can thank the Dutch. According to the website, “The Bitesized Backpacker,” PPJR Productions, conducted:

174,382 “plushie” and “stuffed animal” related search terms used in online search engines, amounting to approximately 2,098,010 active monthly searches by users in the United States. It was determined that 526,580 of those monthly searchers actively sought out specific types of stuffed animals, such as a monkey, giraffe or elephant. These searches were grouped per plushie type, resulting in a list featuring the 150 most sought-after stuffed animals.

The Top 10 holds no surprises (well, dragons were a bit of a surprise). The Bear, of course, tops the list and a Bunny comes in at number 4, beaten out by the Dog (#2) and the Cat (#3).

  1. Bears
  2. Dogs
  3. Cats
  4. Bunnies
  5. Elephants
  1. Monkeys
  2. Unicorns
  3. Dragons
  4. Pandas
  5. Foxes

But what about the bottom 10? Which creatures were the least appealing to plush lovers?

141.     Ants

141.     Crabs

143.     Red Koi

144.     Salmon

145.     Toads

146.     Stingrays

147.     Cuttlefish

148.     Goldfish

149.     Anglerfish

150.     Mammoths

I have to say: Not only was I not surprised that Ant made the bottom ten, but I cannot even imagine an Ant plush. Angler Fish and Red Koi appear, at least to me, to be a bit arcane. If you own an Ant, Angler Fish or Red Koi plush, I apologize, so please do not write me.

What does surprise me is that the Mammoth not only made the bottom ten, but it was dead last. It makes no sense. The Elephant is the number five plush animal, and a mammoth is just a bigger, hairier Elephant.

Here are some other plush I picked out from the list that I thought you might find interesting for the fact that they exist at all:

24. Aliens

48. Body Parts (yes, body parts)

90. Isopods

105. Inanimate Object

128. Quokkas

134. Axolotis

Again, if you own an Isopod, Quokka, or Axolotis plush, please do not contact me particularly, if you own a Body Parts plush. If you want to review the entire list, you can do so by clicking here.

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