Adapting to the New Normal

Author Kassandra O’Brien is Vice President at ChizComm Ltd.

Regardless of where you are in the world right now, it’s safe to say that for the past 4-5 months you’ve been living in what the media has termed “the new normal”. Some of us are working from home, some are on the front lines and some of us have opened the door to new opportunities all together.

The one thing we all have in common (especially in Marketing and Communications) are the questions we’ve been forced to ask ourselves – “how do we adapt?” and “how do our clients adapt?”

Here are three tips that can help you navigate today’s landscape.

Understanding Your Consumer:

It’s important to understand who your target consumer is. It’s one thing to say you’re looking to target women between 18-35 in the US. It’s an entirely different thing to target women between 18-35 in the US who have an annual income above $60,000, who enjoy puzzles and games and who commonly hang around friends. Taking it that extra step may feel like you are being too granular, but you are finding a more accurate consumer who will more likely convert to a purchase! Once you understand this, you can determine where your marketing dollars would be best spent.

Tell a Story:

Nobody wants your hardcore sales pitch right now! You need to tell a compelling story about why your product, or your brand is different from others on the market. Why should consumers care? Are you eco-friendly? Are you standing behind a charity? Are your campaigns inclusive? Did your company start from humble beginnings and has now flourished? With so much content available at our fingertips, consumers are hungry to learn more about their favorite brands and want to understand them on a deeper level.

Have a Strong Online Presence:

With “purchase now” and “re-share” available with the click of a button, it’s important that your e-commerce sites and your social media platforms have a strong presence. You want to create a user-friendly interface that is filled with stellar information and engaging content. Right now, the in-store landscape (depending on where you’re located) is still changing and many people are turning into digital consumers. If your consumers can’t physically get to you, you should provide them an alternative method!

These rules may sound simple, but when put into practice it can make a HUGE difference when a consumer is deciding between you and your competitor.

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