Anatomy of a Mega Hit: The Story of Zuru’s Rainbocorns


In this special episode, Chris interviews senior executives at Zuru about how the international hit Rainbocorns evolved from a crazy idea to a sensation in more than 100 countries, with sales that grew nearly 240 percent in just under a year. Chris talks with the executives about how they developed the product, marketed it, and in less than two years on the market (after an August 2018 introduction), have introduced three series, hot spin offs and embarked on an international licensing program. Listen in to hear how they did it.

This is a classic toy industry tale of how a nimble, well-structured, forward thinking company seized an opportunity and ran with it.  But it’s more than a “tale as old as toys,” it’s also the story of how a company has leveraged its very contemporary capabilities and insights to launch and sustain a hot property.


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(31 minutes)

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