The Nine Coming DC Movies; Through 2022 and Beyond…

Never fear, there will be no shortage of superhero movies over the next few years. Unlike in prior years, DC appears to have found its footing with 2017's Wonder Woman and this year's Joker movies. I think it is a solid line up, but, from a toy tie-in point of view, I am always concerned when I see a number 2, 3, or 4 after a movie. It means that some parent somewhere is going to be saying to their child: "You already have a Shazam or Aquaman action figure from the first movie, why do you need a second one?" Of course, for a child, a toy is never about need; it is about want. The discussion then ensues, and for the sake of the toy industry, let's hope the child wins.

Here is a list of the movies DC will be releasing:

  • June 2020            Wonder Woman 1984
  • August 2021        The Suicide Squad
  • June 2021            The Batman
  • April 2022            Shazam 2
  • December 2022    Aquaman 2
  • May 2022            DC Super Pets
  • July 2022            The Flash
  • TBD                    The New Gods
  • TBD                    Supergirl


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