Toy Fair Dallas: Where You’ll Learn How to Safely Sell Your Toys in China


Learn how to enter China and sell to retailers like Toys R Us Asia (240 stores), Kids Land (776 stores), Wal-Mart China (425 stores), and Mothercare (120 stores) and more.

I want to encourage you to attend the "Safely and Successfully Selling Your Toys In China" program while in Dallas for the Toy Fair. I am producing the sessions in conjunction with The Toy Association, The Messe Frankfurt, and the Shenzhen Toys & Edu Fair. The talks will feature highly knowledgeable Chinese and American speakers. The sessions will take place on October 2nd and 3rd from 2:00 to 3:00 PM in the FutureCast Gallery, on the 13th floor of the Dallas Market Center.

China has 207 million children, compared to 52.5 million in the United States. That's a lot of children and a major opportunity for western toy brands that wish to grow their revenue. This high-value seminar will focus on providing a roadmap for successfully and safely selling into the Chinese retail market.

Picture1The question for new entrants is where to begin and how to do it without compromising intellectual property rights. The first of our speakers, Mr. John Tong, will explain how to do both when he speaks on Wednesday, October 2nd.

John Tong is the Managing Director of Kingbee Toys, an importer, manufacturer, and distributor of overseas toy brands to the Chinese consumer market. Kingbee has received the prestigious vendor of the year award from Toys R Us China. In 2015, Kingbee proudly introduced the main Peppa Pig toy line to the Chinese market, and Peppa Pig has been the most popular imported brand in China for the last three years. King Bee’s sells to all major Chinese toy retailers and distributes a number of major western brands.

John and our other experts will share invaluable information on securing enforceable intellectual property protections, successfully selling to retailers like Toys R Us Asia (240 stores), Kids Land (776 stores), Wal-Mart China (425 stores), and Mothercare (120 stores) as well as providing demographics, price points, details on profit centers and packaging, as well as consumer data and insights.

Join John and our other speakers to learn more about how to safely and successfully enter the Chinese domestic consumer market. 


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