How Does “Rotten Toy-Maters” Score the New Toys R Us Announcement?


The announced resurrection of Toys R Us and its partnering with b8ta has created some headlines. I wondered what the overall outlook was by commentators, so I did a meta-analysis of ten articles. Of the ten, I found that five were Slightly Positive, three were Slightly Negative, and two were Negative. If this were "Rotten Toymaters" and we were giving grades (7 for Slightly Positive, 3 for Slightly Negative and 1 for Negative) the new Toys R Us would receive a 4.6.

See what you think by reading the articles. I have provided hyperlinks.

Slightly Positive Toys 'R' Us Is Back. Meet The $40 Million-Backed Startup That Made It Possible Forbes
Slightly Positive Toys R Us is officially back from the dead, but its new stores won't actually make any money selling toys Business Insider
Slightly Positive Toys ‘R’ Us Targets 10 Stores by End of 2020 in Comeback Bid Bloomberg
Slightly negative Can The Toys 'R' Us-b8ta Tie-In Work? Forbes
Slightly negative Toys R Us Just Literally Came Back From the Dead. (Here's the Ridiculously Ironic Detail You Couldn't Make Up If You Tried) Inc.
Slightly Positive Toys R Us returns and its backers are ‘open to exporting the new model to Britain’
Negative Toys ‘R’ Us is making a comeback in the U.S., but maybe it shouldn’t Marketwatch
Slightly Positive Toys R Us Is Coming Back But With A Different Approach NPR
Negative Toys R Us: Don't Call It a Comeback Motley Fool
Slightly negative Toys “R” Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores Bleeding Cool


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