Toys R Us Is Back… Again

Toys R Us keeps coming back. This time the company announced they were opening 24 “Flagship Stores.” In addition, the company plans to open stores in airports and on cruise ships. They call it an Air, Land, and Sea strategy. I like it.

Of course, the company made a comeback in 2021 by piggybacking on Macy’s. The stores did so well that Macy’s put Toys R Us in all stores.
This is all good news for the toy industry.

One thing that struck me is that by opening Toys R Us stores in alternative locations, the company can withstand the blow should Macy’s decide they don’t need the Toy R Us banner to sell toys. We, veterans, can recall what happened in 2020 when Toys R Us agreed to team up with Amazon.

Toys R Us unwittingly put Amazon in the toy business. Amazon realized they didn’t need Toy R Us. The rest is history.

Smart move.

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