Mattel Made the Time 100 Most Influential Companies List. A Game Did Too. Find Out Which One.

EL SEGUNDO, CA/USA – OCTOBER 13, 2014: Mattel world corporate headquarters building. Mattel, Inc. an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1945.

Congratulations to Mattel for being included in this year’s “Time 100 Most Influential Companies ” list. They and other honorees were selected based on relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition, and success.

And Mattel is in good company. No, make that outstanding company. The list includes companies like Space X, JP Morgan Chase, Apple, and Nvidia

Here is how Times describes Mattel’s achievements:

Mattel, the company behind Barbie, American Girl, and Uno, is rapidly expanding from toys to digital games, merchandise, and films driven by its storied IP. This summer, Mattel will debut Greta Gerwig’s much hyped Barbie movie, the iconic doll’s first on the big screen in her 64-year history. Barbie is just the first of 15 projects in development from Mattel’s new films division, ranging from a Hot Wheels movie with J.J. Abrams to a Barney film with Daniel Kaluuya. Led by CEO Ynon Kreiz, Mattel also won back the lucrative Disney Princess contract from rival Hasbro, launching new dolls this year, and has broken ground on a theme park in Arizona.

Time – Barbie

That is excellent news for Mattel and the toy industry, but I wanted to know whether other toy or game companies made the list. Here is what I discovered, Chess made the list. Yes, a game invented in the 6th century is propelling one of the most influential companies of the 21st. The Netflix movie, Queens Gambit, created the excitement, but it was that figured out how to exponentially grow the Chess playing community and make money doing it. Here is how Time speaks about’s savvy and often comical marketing strategy has grown it into new—and younger—markets over the past three years. Since early 2021, the company has rolled out a stream of new, offbeat robot opponents designed to attract and engage new users…

The site surpassed 100 million users in December, and daily active users doubled to 11 million between November and January, with Gen Z players powering the recent growth wave.

Time – Chess

What Mattel and have in common is that they have taken brands that have a long history (yes, Chess being a little older than Barbie) and dramatically increased their relevance for a new generation.


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