Which Toy Companies Made the “JUST 100” List

Just Capital describes itself as “an independent nonprofit dedicated to building an economy that works for all Americans by measuring and improving corporate stakeholder performance at America’s largest public companies.

As part of its mission, the company has, since 2016, evaluated American publicly traded companies on their performance against 20 criteria (see the list at the end of this article), which includes job creation, fair compensation, and the health and safety of its workers.

There are nearly 1000 companies on the list, with the Top 100 being the highest achievers. As you can see, the retail segment had the highest rankings, with Best Buy coming in first, followed by Walmart, Amazon, and Target.

But what about toy and toy-related companies? How did they fare? To find out, I reviewed the list and separated out the rankings for toy and toy-related companies.

No toy company made the Top 100, but Hasbro came close at 113. Walt Disney was ranked 198 and Mattel 629. Interestingly, Roblox came in near the bottom.

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