Time Magazine Celebrates the “Most Impactful” Toy Inventions of 2022

Time Magazine has released its list of 2022’s two hundred best inventions. It is a celebration of what is new and impactful.

The list includes twenty-five categories, including Artificial Intelligence, Fitness, Medical Care, and, to my surprise and delight, Toys.

Yes, toys made the list, and here they are:

Hugimals – A stuffed animal with a weighted body and a head filled with glass beads. Hug it, and it feels like it is hugging you back.

Onanoff StoryPhones – A story telling device that is audio only. It teaches listening skills while at the same time reducing a child’s screen-time.

Jooki – Like Onanoff StoryPHones, Jooki is an audio only device.

Dr. Jane Goodall Barbie – Mattel has developed a line of dolls that are meant to inspire girls. Called the The Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Series, the line includes Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Ella Fitzgerald, Sally Ride and seven more.

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