Quotes with Your Coffee #68: The move away from annual price increases, “over abundance and sinking sales,” most popular toys in October

If last year’s holiday shopping season was characterized by empty store shelves and a race to meet demand in a healthy US economy, very different concerns have emerged just 12 months later: overabundance and sinking sales.

Retailers in the US Push Big Holiday Discounts to Ease Inventory Avalanche, Bloomberg, November 8, 2022

Many firms have moved from annual price increases to more-frequent price hikes that they characterize as being more ‘agile’”

US Small-Business Optimism Drops for First Time Since June, Blooomberg news, november 8, 2022

In the latest month, Adobe said, top-selling toys included Squishmallows, Roblox figurines, Pokémon card games, and LOL Surprise dolls. Top electronics and gaming devices included Sony (SNE) PlayStation 5, Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox Series 5, Nintendo Switch, and Apple (AAPL) products (iPhone, Watch, AirPods).

https://www.barrons.com/articles/online-retail-sales-flat-adobe-51668033554?mod=SearchresultsAdobe Says October Online Retail Sales About Flat Versus Last Year, eric j. savitz Barron’s

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