Jay Foreman’s Hong Kong Blog #2

The big take away seems to be “don’t wish too hard as sometimes your wish comes true”!

For years Hong Kong people fairly complained about pushy, arrogant westerners, then it was same with mainland Chinese and how pushy and provincial they were. Or hordes of tourists from around the world driving up prices, Chinese with real-estate etc.  If you walked into a fancy shop and spoke Cantonese they ignored you. If you spoke Mandarin they tripped over themselves to help you.

Now they know and see what it’s like when “Hong Kong is only for the Hong Kongers”!

In some ways it’s nice, quiet and quaint. But underneath it there are problems. Where did my noodle shop go? My cousin’s store closed down, services get cut etc. Very strange times.

I think though everyone here is ready for everyone to come back and in particular for China to open back up. Maybe the Hong Kongers will appreciate everyone and everyone will appreciate coming back to Hong Kong! What I can say for sure is everyone has been very appreciative to have me back. From the taxi and Uber driver to the bell hops and shop owners. They all say “thanks for coming back” and “tell your friends Hong Kong is open for business!

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  1. I really enjoy reading Jay’s blogs on Hong Kong . There are interesting and informative
    Thanks Gale Jarvis

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