RESULTS – The Trade Show Poll

2023 is going to be an adventure for trade show exhibitors and attendees. People are ready to get out and work the shows. However, after a two-year hiatus due to Covid, they are confronting a changing trade show landscape. There are more of them occurring at different times of the year. With so many shows in play, toy companies and retailers must decide where to spend their money and human assets.

Due to the uncertainty, we decided to run a survey. We asked you to make a check by each show you planned to exhibit or attend. We began the survey on September 29, 2022 and received 336 responses.

Below are the results. Toy Fair was the winner, with 72.2% of respondents indicating they would exhibit or attend. The Spielwarenmesse (38.5%) received a significant response for a show taking place outside of the confines of the United States. Astra Marketplace (31.9%) and the Los Angeles meetings (28.7%) also showed strength.

Hong Kong is struggling, with 9.3% saying they will set up shop in Kowloon and 9.6% indicating they would show or visit the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair.

If you have thoughts or questions about these responses, let us know by responding directly to us or via Linked In, Twitter, or Facebook.

Toy Fair – 72.2%

Spielwarenmesse – 38.5%

Astra Marketplace – 31.9%

Los Angeles Hotel Suites and Showrooms – 28.7%

Toy Fest – 25.4%

Licensing Expo – 22.4%

NY Now –  15.2%

ASTRA Toy Boat Cruise –  9.9%

Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair – 9.6%

Kowloon Hotel Suites and Show Rooms – 9.3%

Gen Con – 7.8%

Gama Expo – 6.6%

POP Inventor and Innovation Week –  3.9%

Chicago Toy & Game Fair – 3.9%

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