The Toy Industry Needs Immigration

For a population to replenish itself in the absence of immigration, demographers estimate that there must be, on average, about 2.1 births per woman. In the United States, the fertility rate has been consistently below that level since 2007.

U.S. Population Growth Has Nearly Flatlined. Is That So Bad?, Spencer Bokat-lindell, new york times, september 14, 2022

The subject of immigration, oddly still contested in a country founded and sustained by immigrants, seems to reside in the realm of the purely political, much of it theatrical and emotional. These theatrics take our attention away from the practical implications of allowing it, not allowing it, or turning away and ignoring the practicalities.

One such practicality is the toy industry’s ongoing need for children as consumers. That might not be the nicest way to put it, but we all have jobs because people, including children, continue to spend money on our products.

Due to education and birth control, the world’s population, particularly in developed countries, is beginning what will be a long decline. Here is a quote from the United Nations report, “Population:”

The populations of 55 countries or areas in the world are expected to decrease by 2050, of which 26 may see a reduction of at least ten per cent. Several countries are expected to see their populations decline by more than 15 per cent by 2050, including …Japan. Fertility in all European countries is now below the level required for full replacement of the population in the long run (around 2.1 children per woman), and in the majority of cases, fertility has been below the replacement level for several decades.


The United States, according to a report from the Congressional Budget Office, will see growth due solely to immigration.

The size of the U.S. population increases from 335 million people in 2022 to 369 million people in 2052. Population growth is increasingly driven by net immigration, which accounts for all population growth in 2043 and beyond.

The Demographic Outlook: 2022 to 2052, Congressional budget office

The U.S. population will continue to grow, but that growth will come from immigration. It also means that the children who will be our end-users will be from what are currently considered minorities but will eventually become the majority as a group. Plan your product selection, packaging, and marketing accordingly.

I am for immigration because I am the son of an immigrant, and know how important this country was to my father. Whether you share my belief or not, let me assure you, it is in the toy industry’s best interests to be pro-immigration.

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  1. I agree with Michael. I hope you are proposing only legal immigration. EVERYONE supports that without exception. With these latest developments by Venezuela releasing violent prisoners and sending them to our Southern border, we may finally achieve consensus that a sovereign nation must protect its territory from invasion.

  2. I am a son of immigrants too and in strong favor of LEGAL immigration, so bi-partisan immigration reform laws must be a priority and then enforced. It sadly is political but open border is a disaster.

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