Are Dysfunctional U.S. Ports a Way to Limit Imports?

I have been thinking some more about an article I published last week entitled, “North America’s Ports Are the World’s Most Inefficient.” In that post, I provided data showing that the U.S. ports of Savannah, Long Beach, and Los Angeles are rated the most inefficient of the world’s 370 ports. They are ranked as Savannah #367, Long Beach #369, and Los Angeles #370.  

Just to provide some perspective on how mind-blowing this is, the ports of Luanda, Angola, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and Point Nori in the Congo are rated more efficient than Savannah, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. Here is the world’s bottom ten ports based upon efficiency:”

World’s Most Inefficient Ports

I don’t know about you, but I find it incomprehensible that the country with the world’s largest economy has more dysfunctional ports than third-world nations. Are we that inept or is it possible that our ports are designed to limit imports? It would make a certain kind of sense as a way to lessen our trade imbalance without resorting to tariffs. 

Whatever the cause, we need to improve our ports, make them bigger, and, by God, more efficient. If we don’t, then something is very wrong with this picture.


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