Nope, It’s Not a Marvel Comic. It’s Ancient Greek Sculpture in Color at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

At first glance, the above piece of art looks like a Marvel or DC comic book panel. It’s not; it’s a piece of Greek sculpture dating back roughly 2,500 years. I saw it, and several other colorized Greek statues at a beautiful exhibition called Chroma at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you have an opportunity, catch it before it closes in March. It will change your entire perception of ancient Greece and what the cities must have looked like – a riot of colors.

As it turns out, Greek statues were never white; they were brightly colored. After several thousand years, time and weather had worn off all of the paint. Scientists and anthropologists have been able to determine which colors went where and reproduce the pigments used by the Ancient Greeks.

I was struck by how much of today’s comic book art, with its god-like superheroes and bright-colored panels, looks like what the Greeks were doing in antiquity. Here are a two other images:

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