Jumping into the Toy Biz: An Interview with producer Brian Volk-Weiss

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Producer Brian Volk-Weiss joins Richard and Chris for a second time. This time to talk  about the launch of his new toy company Nacelle Toys. Brian is the producer of the successful Netflix series” The Toys that Made Us” and “A Toy Store Near You,” now entering its fourth season. In this lively conversation, Brian talks about the decision to roll out toys based on “The Great Garloo”, “Robo Force” and others…and the old schools “let’s put on a show” passion that’s driven this new venture. From trusting his gut to building a network of distributors, Brian is a classic toy impresario who’s just going for it. Listen into this fun and fast-paced chat.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about the implication for Russia deciding to suspend IP rights for properties such as Peppa Pig and others and what that means for the global IP and toy markets. (25 minutes)

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