Richard Gottlieb and Chris Byrne Launch “The Toy Intelligencer”

November 16, 2021

Chris Byrne, “The Toy Guy,” and Richard Gottlieb, “The Global Toy Expert,” announce the release of their new publication, “The Toy Intelligencer.” “The Toy Intelligencer” is a living document that changes as frequently as does the world.

Richard and Chris focus on the intricacies of the global toy network and its numerous variables. Here are just five of the twenty-four topics currently being covered:

The Hot Toy Analysis (A metanalysis of the Amazon, Walmart, and Target Hot Toy Lists) *A TTI Exclusive

The Toy Critic (Chris Byrne looks at this year’s newest toys) *A TTI Exclusive

The TTI Composite Toy Stock Index: A TTI Exclusive

TTI Toy Inflation Index: *TTI Exclusive

TTI China Watch (What is happening in China that impacts the global toy industry)

And there is “The Diff,” a daily update on what is different from yesterday.

Click here To learn more about “The Toy Intelligencer” or to subscribe.

Please direct any media inquiries to Richard Gottlieb,

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