TheToy Intelligencer Hot Toy List Analysis (Amazon, Walmart, Target)

Each year, in the early Fall, Amazon, Walmart, and Target publish a list of what they have identified as the year’s hottest toys. The lists are, in essence, a self-fulfilling prophecy as the toys chosen are products in which each retailer has heavily invested. Because they own heavy inventory on these toys, they call them hot toys to motivate consumers to buy them.

As such, the hot toy lists tell us what retail buyers for these companies have chosen as the best toy investments. By aggregating and analyzing these lists, we are able to provide insights into which products and companies are deemed the most compelling by the three retailers.

To learn about which toy companies and which products these retailers agreed and disagreed on, we analyzed 228 listed toys from 71 toy companies. Here is what we learned:

Number of  Hot Toy List Items Per Retailer

*In cases where the retailers listed the same item but with a different color as separate SKUs, we decided to list them all as one item.

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