Mia Galison of eeBoo: The Art of Creating Positive Play

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Richard and Chris talk with Mia Gaison, founder, president, and creative director of eeBoo. Listen in on a conversation that recaps her inspiring story of how a mom who wanted to be present to her kids built a company that has been a mainstay in the specialty market, her journey, creative process, and more. Mia is a classic entrepreneur with a dynamic toy industry story. Listen as she provides her thoughts on positive parenting,  opening up a new business in adult puzzles during the pandemic, and more.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about companies that are responding to social issues, and in particular, products launched by LEGO and Mattel celebrating Pride Month. They discuss what it means, what it reflects in the culture, and implications for future generations of children. (34 minutes)

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