Which Countries’ G.D.P. Will Grow the Most Over the Next Five Years?

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China will lead the world in GDP growth over the next five years. That is according to a Bloomberg article by Alexandre Tanzi, “China’s Growth Set to Drive World Economy in Post-Pandemic Years.” The report included this powerful graphic:

China represents more than 20%, while the U.S. is just under 15%. China is currently number 2 in GDP behind the U.S.

India is on the move. It is the number 5 country in the world based upon GDP, it is telling that they are the number 3 growth driver.

Don’t, however, count the U.S. out. This headline from Axio says a great deal about the prospects for the U.S. economy over the next few years: America’s biggest boom since 1946.” Here is how the article puts it:

We are on the early edge of the biggest economic boom since World War II, with the promise of years of growth after the privation of the pandemic.

The U.S. economy took off after the Flu Epidemic of 1918. Could we have s 21st-century version of Roaring 20s? Better start practicing your Charleston.

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