Trends in Play, Pandemic and Beyond. A Conversation with David Kleeman of Dubit Limited

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Join Richard and Chris for an in-depth conversation with David Kleeman of Dubit Limited, a premiere, global market research and development company. Kleeman’s broad experience in education and entertainment and his role as SVP Global Trends for Dubit make him uniquely qualified to discuss the state of play during Covid and beyond. The conversation covers the role of connected play, the emotional experience of play, social platforms (such as Roblox) and much more, all with a view to what can inform toy development and marketing in our dynamic world. Kleeman speaks and writes extensively on these topics, and this is your chance to hear his insights firsthand.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about the societal and play implications of removing the Mr. and Mrs. from the Potato Head brand. It may seem at first blush like a PR stunt, but it has much broader implications for kids and culture. (41 minutes)

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Click here to listen to this episode

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