This Week: The Resurgence of Chess and Resources to Celebrate the Game

In addition to setting viewership records for Netflix, The Queen’s Gambit has led to a spike in demand for chess sets and general interest in the game. The seven-part series make two fundamental tenets of the game, strategy and patience, both accessible and dramatic through the eyes of the lead character, Beth Harmon, played by Anna Taylor-Joy.

If the show has inspired you to pick up the game, hone your chess skills, or hob-knob with other chess enthusiasts, here are several online resources that are worth a look.


The Elevate My Chess website is a virtual gathering place for chess players of all ages and experience levels.

The site is a hub for chess play and players, providing access to tournaments, education (classes, camps, clubs and more), an online club tournament, and more. It’s curated by Elevate My Chess, a member-based organization in Canada. Membership allows chess enthusiasts to meet other players and participate in member-only events.

Several online chess tournaments each year give players a chance to exercise their hard-earned skills and newfound strategies.


Chess enthusiasts of all abilities can get their fix of chess news, strategy, player profiles, and event information at The Chess Daily News website.

Chess Grandmaster, Olympic- and World-chess champion, Susan Polgar is the brains behind the site. The site is a valuable resource for player, delivering fresh content multiple times each day. If you think of chess as solely a cerebral pursuit, Polgar will change your perspective. Her articles highlight the impact and longevity of the game, often showcasing youth clubs that embrace the game with zeal. She combines vast experience as master of the game with a light-hearted approach. It’s clear that Polgar loves the game and wants others to love it, too. She accomplishes this with an inclusive approach—everyone is welcomed, from newbies to aficionados and highly accomplished players.


When you’re ready and able to have in-person experiences again, the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) should be on every chess fan’s bucket list. Located in the heart of Saint Louis, Missouri, the WCHOF offers visitors a combination of rotating exhibitions, special projects, and public programming.

The permanent collection provides access to a wide range of artifacts related to significant players and historical events from chess history, including photographs, score sheets, trophies, and publications. The collection also includes various chess sets ranging from rare 19th-century treasures to mass-produced sets with television and movie themes that demonstrate the game’s influence on popular culture.

As part of its ongoing educational outreach and cultural programming, the WCHOF offers tours, lectures, and panel discussions by curators, collectors, and artists. Family outreach activities include programs for children that focus on the development of motor skills and language building.

Fun fact: The museum is also host to the world’s largest chess piece, which measures over 20-feet tall and was certified by Guinness World Records in 2018.

Todd Coopee is Editor-in-Chief of Toy Tales, an online publication that covers toys and games past and present.

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