Mastermind Toys New CEO Sarah Jordan: On Leadership, Innovation, Service and Excellence

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Richard and Chris speak with Sarah Jordan, the new CEO of Canada’s Mastermind Toys. Taking the reins in January of 2020, Jordan has had to deal with a pandemic, as well as keeping the nearly 40-year-old iconic chain vital and vibrant. Jordan talks about her customer-facing strategies, emphasis on employees and how their mantra, “Play is kids work,” inspired by Maria Montessori, has allowed them to be more than competitive; it’s empowered them to grow and continue to excel in the current marketplace.

Jordan’s enthusiasm and vision is inspiring, and if you’d like the inside story on how Mastermind continues to find the best toys,  maintain its loyal customer base, and continue expanding, you’ll want to listen in.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about how remote work may be been a lifesaver in this time, but its long-term prospects may not be as often promoted.(41 minutes)

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