Bryan Stockton’s Final Interview

We are all shocked by the sudden death of Bryan Stockton. Chris and I realized that our podcast with Bryan on June 22, 2020 was the his last interview. We, therefore, thought it only appropriate to re-post it so more people can have an opportunity to hear his wisdom and sense his humanity.

CLICK HERE and listen as Richard and Chris have a lively conversation with Bryan Stockton. The former CEO of Mattel has remained engaged with an industry he loves. Stockton shares his insights on current business topics, what’s working and where he sees the business is going. The hosts also catch up with Bryan’s current life as a professional photographer and musician.

You won’t want to miss Bryan’s insights based on a long career in senior management at Kraft and other companies that have made him a particularly thoughtful and insightful executive who understands both the challenges of management and the creative mandate to delight children.

In The Endcap, the hosts talk about the future of trade shows, and what may be ahead. (32 minutes)

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