RESULTS: “Race and Toys Survey”

Last week we asked the toy industry to complete a survey on race and toys. We received 170 responses to the survey. I have provided you with a breakout by question below.

I was impressed that close to 90% of respondents thought the toy industry had a role to play in “creating a race-blind” society. That really says something about how much respect our industry members have for the importance that toys play in shaping society.

I was also surprised that 41% of respondents said that their businesses have been impacted by the social unrest we have experienced due to the death of George Floyd. This response was higher than I had anticipated.

The toy industry is an optimistic bunch, and it shows. 73% of respondents were either neutral or optimistic about the future.

Respondents largely felt that business should give equal value to profits and social values when making business decisions. 5% did, however, think that social values should not be part of the equation while 7.6% felt that profits should not play a role.

The majority of respondents felt that the industry could have its most significant on racial change impact through its toys, marketing, packaging.

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