Richard Gottlieb: What I’m Reading

Hi There,

This week I’ve been reading about children and their forts, ancient leather mice, paint by number sets, the unluckiest generation, and more.

If you are reading any books or articles that you would like to share, please let us know.



Why kids love building forts — and why experts say they might need them more than ever – Washington Post

Remote Work Could Spark Housing Boom in Suburbs, Smaller CitiesWall Street Journal

Facebook Launches Shopping Platform for Small Businesses – Wall Street Journal

The unluckiest generation in U.S. historyWashington Post

Neither Coronavirus Nor Trade Tensions Can Stop U.S. Companies’ Push Into China – Wall Street Journal

Diamond and Geppi Family Enterprises launch huge “Back the Comeback” charity driveComics Beat

Ancient Leather ‘Mouse’ Highlights the Romans’ Sense of HumorSmithsonian

Paint-by-Number Sets Are Back, Better and Even Customizable – Wall Street Journal

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