A Conversation with Pictionary Inventor Rob Angel

Chris and Richard talk with game inventor Rob Angel about Pictionary, how the phenomenon happened, and the evolution of games. Thirty-five years after the launch of the game in a Seattle restaurant, Rob has published a new book, Game Changer that provides the amazing backstory of how this now-iconic game got its start. In a lively conversation, Rob tells many of the stories that should inform and inspire game lovers and would-be game inventors of all types. Order the book from Amazon.

Chris and Richard are also professionally connected to the game. During the period when the game was taking off, Richard was working at Western Publishing, and Chris led the team at Pezzano+Company that did the marketing with game industry marketing wizard Linda Pezzano. 

In The Endcap, Richard and Chris discuss the current state of the games business and what may be ahead in this dynamic market segment, one that’s feeling some pressure right now. 

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