How to Choose a Tablet for Your Child

Last year prior to the holidays I got a request from my sister asking me to help her decide on the right tablet for her then 11 year old son. I diligently did the research and even though I’ve been in the tech industry and an early adopter of technology all of my life – I found the task daunting. No wonder she wanted me to do this for her! There are so many options out there these days – and many round-ups of what’s available. Everything from the slightly ruggedized for small kids Nabi tablets[1], to the latest iPad air (which can cost up to $929) – the choices are seemingly endless especially when you consider that at some of these prices, parents are likely also considering netbooks or even full on laptops.
So what’s a parent to do – besides calling in their tech savvy sisters? We thought that exploring the process of one SF couple might help you on your own journey of deciding which technology is right for your kid.