NY Toy Fair 2023 – Featured Vendors

Featured Vendors

Are you heading to NY Toy Fair this year and interested in learning more about some of the companies that will be attending and where they’ll be at the fair? Scroll down to see our Featured Vendors for NY Toy Fair 2023 – Read about their company, view their contact information, visit their website and schedule a meeting to maximize your time at the fair.

BrandTrends Group

The BrandTrends Group stands out as a market research agency specializing in the children and families’ markets. Our unique approach combines multi-country research services with a philosophy rooted in four core beliefs about children’s markets. By delving into consumer motivations and decision-making processes, we excel in uncovering valuable insights into market dynamics, consumer sentiments, brand popularity and equity, purchase intentions, and consumer behavior trends.

Contact: Philippe Guinaudeau
Email: philippe.guinaudeau@brandtrends.com
Phone: +971544086720
Website: www.brandtrends.com

NY Toy Fair Information:
Philippe will be giving a presentation at the Toy Fair University to the Toy Association Members – “The American Kid Consumer: What Companies Should Know About U.S. Toy Consumers and Kids’ Routines and Media Lives”. This presentation will take place on Sunday, October 1, 2023 at 10:10 AM – 10:50 AM.

Global Toy Experts

Global Toy Experts is a world-renowned consultancy and resource for toy industry insight and information. We provide cutting-edge analysis and strategies to domestic toy manufacturers as well as to international providers who are looking to raise their profile in the United States & the world. We provide a full range of services for inventors including licensing and manufacturing as well as providing M&A services for companies looking to acquire or be acquired in the toy space.

The consultancy also provides unique observations and commentary at speaking engagements and conferences globally- furnishing the toy industry with exceptional blueprints for success.

Contact: Steve Velte & Richard Gottlieb
Email: Steve@globaltoyexperts.com
Phone: (800) 235-5650
Website: www.globaltoyexperts.com

NY Toy Fair Information:
Visit with Global Toy Experts while at Toy Fair. Steve Velte and Richard Gottlieb will be in Booth 1588 and would love to share our expertise and learn about your business. Stop by, or if you want to make an appointment, please email us at info@globaltoyexperts.com.

Booth: 1588

The Good Play Guide

Created to provide an independent, expert accreditation service for children’s products, The Good Play Guide provides a trusted resource for parents and gift-givers to find truly Good Toys. Founded by Dr Amanda Gummer who has a PhD in Neuropsychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, she brings over over 25 years’ experience working with children and families. Amanda is now widely considered a global go-to expert on play, toys and child development. She can regularly be seen in the media, including BBC News, Sky News, The Daily Mail and many more, offering advice on news stories and issues surrounding children, families and child development.

Contact: Nikki Jeffery
Email: nikki@goodplayguide.com
Phone: +07577371545
Website: www.goodplayguide.com

Booth: 589
Book an appointment here: https://calendly.com/frances-good-play-guide/new-york-toy-fair-meeting


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We ensure that every product is made with a sense of pride, from a place of authenticity, for a community that deserves nothing less than excellence.

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Together we are a multicultural family that accepts and reflects people from every walk of life, every belief, and every identity.

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