What Managers Can Learn from Walt Disney’s Florida Problems: Eric Pliner of YSC Consulting

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In this important and insightful episode, Richard and Chris talk with Eric Pliner, CEO of YSC Consulting about what today’s managers can learn from the current political, employee and public image crisis at Disney. Pliner’s insights on the changing nature of ethics and employment are essential for anyone who wants to function effectively in the contemporary market. Pliner previously appeared on The Playground Podcast to talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusiong programs. Now, he takes all of that information to the next level to help managers understand what’s coming…and be prepared.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard have some fun with a recent article posted on Global Toy News about the Top Retro Toys in the U.S. It’s a lighthearted conversation in this serious time, and it reminds us of the joy of play. (35 minutes)

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