The Playground Podcast, Listen to the Newest Episode

Listen to Part 2 to hear more of Chris and my conversation about the latest toy industry trends and our Toy Fair wrap up by clicking here.

Here is what these industry leaders have to say about The Playground Podcast:

"The Dream Team"

John Baulch, Publisher, and Managing Editor Toy World

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"Just did my first listen. I'm hooked. Your podcast is a must-listen for the toy industry. "

Robin Raskin, Founder at Living in Digital Times, LLC

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"Listened and was fascinated by your first podcast. It was fun, I learned a lot, and consider it must-listen material. Keep up the great work! Great collaboration between two of the Greats in our industry."

Lisa Orman, President, Kidstuff PR

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Great job on The Playground Podcast! It was a very fun conversation filled with tons of valuable information on how toymakers are reacting to trends going into this year. I loved hearing your observations from Toy Fair about all the companies, how WIT is involved and more. Shared it on my LinkedIn.

Genna Rosenberg, CEO GennComm, LLC


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