Top 10 Most Counterfeited Products; Yep, Toys Made the List

6a0133ec87bd6d970b01bb08fe52c6970d Counterfeit_ProductsI came upon an article out of Jacksonville, Florida about a local toy store there being raided by Homeland Security. According to a news segment on Action News Jax entitled "Jacksonville toy store raid part of larger counterfeit investigation." According to the station's reporting, it appears that the agents were targeting Fortnite products.

It made me wonder:  Just how big a problem is toy counterfeiting?

I did some research and, well, it seems that it's not really that big a problem compared to other categories of products. Here is a list of the top ten counterfeited product categories* in $ value:

  1. Watches – $460,162,145
  2. Handbags and Wallets – $234,451,926
  3. Consumer Electronics – $85,115,639
  4. Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care – $69,758,720
  5. Wearing Apparel and Accessories- $74,880,617
  6. Consumer Products – $46,265,355
  7. Footwear – $41,490,429
  8. Optical Media – $27,573,775
  9. Toys – $12,128,156
  10. Computers and Accessories – NA

Don't get me wrong, counterfeit toys are always a problem, no matter how small the amount in relative terms. Children can get hurt, toy companies can lose sales and brand perception can be negatively impacted. Still, it's interesting to get some perspective. I mean, how would you like to be in the watch business?


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