The Paper Airplane; An Appreciation


Buted1The history of paper airplanes is a bit vague. Their origin has been traced to the Chinese, 2000 years ago. Another document led me to James W. Butler and Edmund Edwards and their "Steam Dart" flying machine (see above) (yes, they proposed steam to propel it) in 1867. Also noted was Jack Northrop (Co-founder of Lockheed Corporation) who is credited with creating a paper airplane in1930. Whatever its true origins, paper plane building is free, fun and educational. 

Article-2111963-121065EF000005DC-807_634x431100 Year Old Paper Airplane Found in an Abandoned English School

I did find a couple of records. The longest amount of time aloft is 27.9 seconds (Takuo Toda) and the longest distance flown is 226 feet 10 inches ( Joe Ayoob). I could only make my plane stay aloft, and in a stiff wind no less, for only five or ten seconds so I was no competition for Toda or Ayoob. I was never-the-less proud of my achievement. A feeling I am sure to which most of you can relate.


Paper airplane
Complex, Origami Paper Airplane

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