The Top 7 Toy Companies Ranked by Market Share

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I ran across some interesting data in a Wall Street Journal article, "Toy Sorry: Why the Holiday Season May Give Hasbro, Mattel a Lump of Coal". The author, Elizabeth Winkler, as the title implies, predicts a tough year ending for Mattel and Hasbro.

What caught my eye, however, was the breakout prepared by UBS. It detailed the market share for the seven largest U.S. toy companies:

            Mattel           19%

            Hasbro         15%

            Lego              9%

            Spinmaster    4%

           JAKKS           3%

           MGA              3%

           VTech            2%

Its interesting, if not surprising, data. But if you work with the numbers you begin to see some interesting statistics:

  • The seven companies listed account for 55% of toy sales.
  • Accordingly, smaller retailers, those not listed, account for 45%. 
  • Mattel and Hasbro, between them, control 34% of the market.
  • Mid-sized companies account for 21%.

With the current spate of mergers taking place in the industry, it will be interesting to see if that last number grows over the next few years. 


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  1. Too bad the creative side is lost smallcompanies
    Have no chance, buyers will not support many of these smaller
    Factories that were the backbone of the industry
    For decades
    Gene hendel

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