The Management Top 250 Rankings and the Toy Industry

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The Wall Street Journal and The Drucker Institute have recently published the WSJ Management Top 250. According to the Wall Street Journal, the list "measures corporate effectiveness by examining performance in five areas: customer satisfaction, employee engagement (an employee's emotional commitment to the job and company),  innovation, social responsibility and financial strength."

To make the list, a company has to be one of 752 publicly traded companies with a stock-market capitalization of $10 billion or $3 billion of revenue. The companies received two to five stars in each of the categories. Apple, not surprisingly was number one while Amazon and Microsoft came in second and third respectively.

But how did the toy industry do?  In order to find out, I went through the list and located companies that are either engaged in the business of play or sell play products. Here are the five companies that made the list and their ranking:

23     Wal-Mart

48     Walt Disney Company

77     Hasbro

220   Blizzard Activision

241   Take-Two Interactive


The toy and industry related companies received four or five stars as follows:

  • Wal-Mart's greatest strengths were in Innovation, Financial Strength and Social Responsibility.
  • The Walt Disney Company ranked high in Employee Engagement, Innovation, Financial Strength and Social Responsibility.
  • Hasbro scored well in Employee Engagement, Social Responsibility and Financial Strength.
  • Blizzard Activision had strong scored in Customer Service and Employee Engagement.
  • Take-Two Interactive showed sell in Customer Service, Employee Engagement and Financial Strength.


The toy and play industry related companies which received two stars were:

  • Wal-Mart received a low score on Employee Engagement.
  • The Walt Disney Company, surprisingly, was weak in Customer Service.
  • Hasbro had no notable weaknesses.
  • Blizzard Activision showed weakness in Social Responsibility.
  • Take-Two Interactive made a weak showing in Innovation and Social Responsibility.

Do these results surprise you? Let us know.

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