Baby Shark Toys; WowWee Has A Hit, But Is It Too Late?

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WowWee, the creator of the hugely successful Fingerlings toys has another hit on its hands. In fact, it may be too big a hit. This USA Today headline says it all: "Baby Shark singing toys sell out in 3 days on Amazon" 

For those who may be unfamiliar with Baby Shark and the Baby Shark Challenge, let me take a moment and fill you in:

Baby Shark is an incredibly cute and maddeningly, catchy song that children of all ages love. The song, produced by South Korean based company, Pinkfong, was introduced in 2015 and has gradually made its way around the world, finally going viral in the United States. It now has over over 2 Billion views. 

The Baby Shark Challenge has also gone viral with videos showing various individuals and groups doing the dance moves. Below is a report from Inside Edition that explains the Baby Shark Challenge:

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