What Was the Most Dangerous Toy You Ever Received?

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Today, we live in a world in which every effort is made to assure that toys are safe. That was not, however, always the case.  Perhaps, you as a child, received a gift that today would never have made it to market. 

So, purely for the sake of nostalgia  what was the most dangerous or the scariest toy you ever received? Did you receive Lawn Darts, an Atomic Energy Lab or some other product designed to delight and create mayhem?

As a 10 year old, I and my friends were each gifted with a real bow & arrow set, one with sharp, metal, points. We happily played with them (unsupervised) by shooting them at each other.

And, oh yes, one year my nine year old neighbor received a working crossbow. It took three of us (again, unsupervised) to pull back the string and cock it. We fired it and, to our amazement, watched it easily penetrate a duffle bag filled with straw, a wooden fence and eventually sink 9 inches into a tree. Amazingly, we never killed ourselves or anyone else but we had a great time trying. 

As far as being scared, I believe it was when, as a six year old, someone asked me to open a can of peanuts. It held, as you can imagine, one of those giant spring snakes that flew out and scared the crap out of you. It did. 

So, what toys do you remember fondly (or not so fondly) that created fear or fright? Let us know.


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  1. Great topic! I remember of course, the Gilbert Chemistry Sets that had all manner of dangerous chemicals. You could probably blow up your house if not careful. Daisy air rifles with an open barrel you could stick in the dirt or gravel and actually fire them out as projectiles. Last would be the Mattel Vac U Form toys. In my case the set made cool car bodies you could mount on a battery operated chassis. The set had to get super hot to melt the plastic. Probably would not be allowed today because of burn and fire potential.

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