The First Disney Licensed Product

Breaktime-header MmAbove is the first piece of merchandise that Walt Disney ever licensed. He had just lost the rights to his creation, Oswald the Rabbit, when he was approached by a gentleman in a hotel lobby. It was 1928 and the man offered Walt three hundred dollars to put Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the cover of a line of tablets. If $300 does not seem like a lot of money, it wasn't. Calculating for inflation, that $300 would be $4300 in 2018 money. Apparently, Walt needed the money.

It may have been a modest first step but Walt took the deal and went on to be the preeminent licensors in the world.

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  1. Of pedantic interest is the difference between the two versions of the words Mickey Mouse. The “Mickeys” are identical, but there are subtle differences specifically in character overlap in “Mouse”. Any Disney history expert comments ?

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