24,879 Expanded Toy Departments; Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penney and More

I am doing a lot of reading and listening so that I can keep up with which major bricks and mortar chains are actively expanding or planning to expand their toy departments. Below is list of chains, in alphabetical order with headquarter locations and store counts, that I have that have are on my list. They constitute 24,879 expanded departments. 

Ace Hardware                           Oakbrook, IL 5000
Barnes & Noble                             New York, NY 620
Belk                              Charlotte, NC 300
Buy Buy Baby                     Union, NJ       135
Dillard's                               Little Rock, AR        292
Five Below                               Philadelphia, PA 630
Hobby Town          Lincoln, NE 147
J.C. Penney             Plano, TX     860
Kmart                            Hoffman Estates, IL    365
Macy's                                Cincinnati, OH       669
Kohl's                    Menominee Falls, WI         1158
Sears                            Hoffman Estates, IL  529
Target                               Minneapolis, MN   1822
Walgreens                                   Chicago, IL    8175
Wal-Mart                             Bentonville, AR   4177

A comment on geography:

Looking at the headquarters locations, it appears that those who cover the Midwest (Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois,and Minnesota) and those who cover the Northeast (New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania) and the Texas / Arkansas area  will particularly benefit.

If you know of any other chains engaged in expanding their toy departments please let me know so I can add them.

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