Jell-O Play Kits; A New Toy From An Old Company

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Many of us can remember eating Jell-O as a rite of passage during  childhood, not necessarily a great rite of passage, but a rite of passage, never-the-less. I can still remember my Mom dumping canned fruit cocktail into the Jell-O gelatin and it, remarkably, remaining suspended after it cooled in the refrigerator. I can also recall that if left in the refrigerator too long (particularly uncovered) it became an increasingly dense material that defied digestion. It would, however, have made a great building tool.

Which brings me to a new way to play from our old friends at Jell-O. I learned about it in an article entitled: "New Jell-O Play kits encourage kids to play with their food". Published in Newsday and written by Sara Whitman, the article fills us in on Jell-O's decision to break into the 'Toy Aisle"…, that's right, the toy aisle.

Unlike Crayola which decided to age grade up and appeal to mom's through a cosmetic line (see: "Crayola Expands Its Brand Relationship With Cosmetic Lines"), Jell-O is trying to expand its brand awareness through kids and play. Here is how Newsday describes the new way product:

Children can mold Jell-O shapes with the Build & Eat construction kits that can be stacked and combined, while the Play Cutters kits come with cookie cutters in a variety of fun animal and nature shapes. Other play kits (Edible Sand and Edible Mud) include safe-to-eat stickers so kids can decorate their Jell-O designs.

It can be found in the toy aisle at Target and has already been picked it up by Amazon. Jell-O has not licensed the rights to the new product so it will be interesting to see how their sales organization handles the marketing of a consumer rather than a food product. Will they be using independent sales reps?

Good for Jell-O for thinking outside of the Jell-O box. 

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