Isaac Larian Responds; Says He Can Do It!


My last article was titled: "Isaac Larian Wants to Save Toys R Us; Can he do it?"   To my surprise, Isaac has written us and answered the question. He says he can do it. Here is Isaac's response as he wrote it:

Richard :

You are too kind. Life without passion and purpose isn’t worth living. I am passionate about kids and about toy business. Without Toys R Us, Toy business will never be the same.

To answer your questions:

1-I already have the funds and financing lined up to do this at the right price. I launched GoFund me to bring in the community and awareness to this.

2-Most competitors ( except the #Evilempire. No toy retailere really needs their garbage anyway ) have privately given me their word of support if this succeeds. Remember that I’m doing this personally and NOT MGA.

3-Can I make the new Toys R Us profitable? I did that with Little Tikes when we bought them in 2006 and with Zapf that was on the verge of bankruptcy when I got involved. They are both debt free and very profitable and with a lot of cash. I will make TRU very profitable.


2 thoughts

  1. Toys R Us will not work unless you give customers a reason
    to make a trip there besides the name “Toys R Us”.You have to make it a destination store You have to have Party rooms, Hair Salons for kids, Arts and Crafts days, Celebraty Appearances, Kids Cooking Classes, Drone Races, Puppet and Marionette Shows,Sciense Projects Days,Class visitation days,by appointment, etc.It will not work just because of it’s name there is too much competition.
    Last but not least you need a CEO who knows and loves TOYS !!!! Arnold Maggi

  2. Hope you’re not planning on operating a store without Barbie or the worlds preeminent Pre-School brand Fisher-Price let alone Hot Wheels and Power Wheels..

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