Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair Company of the Week – Gifted Minds


Gifted Minds is the Chinese distributor of selected construction toy brands from Europe and the US including mic-o-mic, Plus-Plus, Jawbones, Fischertechnic, Fischertip and Team Green. Their mission is to build up a platform for distributing, well-known, internationa,l educational brands for Chinese children.

Their products are mainly sold in China, and to a lesser degree in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They also have an online sales channels on Taobao, & Amazon.

Gifted Minds chooses to exhibit at the Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair because they want to generate new retail trade customers. Specifically they wish to meet chain stores selling books, gifts and lifestyle items. Their top selling products include 3D construction kits from the German brand, mic-o-mic.

The toys do not contain any heavy-metals or phthalates, and naturally conform to all the relevant international Toy Standards. Children will start a learning process through construction of single models. Their fine motor skills and the tridimensional imagination will be cultivated particularly. Plus-Plus building bricks is another highlighted products. It is available in different sizes & colors, allowing kids of all ages to create their mosaics and 3D designs.

You can make contact with Gifted Minds by clicking here.

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