I Want You to Attend the Most Important PlayCon Ever

Because of the Toys R Us bankruptcy, this is going to be, by far, the most important PlayCon we have had. PlayCon, which takes place May 8-9 in San Francisco, has always been a nice to attend event in which we heard some interesting speakers, spent time doing some valuable networking while relaxing and getting to know other members of our professional community. 

This year's PlayCon, however, is different because it is the time and place for us to discuss best practices in light of the  historic Toys R Us bankruptcy. I do not use the term historic lightly but the demise of Toys R Us as the powerhouse chain that was, by default, our national showroom is of such magnitude. I do not know of any moment in our industry's history that the we have faced with such a game changing moment. 

PlayCon, with its relaxed ambiance, is the place where we can all come together and assemble into what I like to call our one big industry brain. Sit with your competitors, your suppliers, your friends and your new friends. Talk it out over a cup of coffee at breakfast, a danish during a break, a salad over lunch, a drink at the bar or another drink at dinner. Share information and ideas.  

So, no matter whether you own one toy store or run a chain; whether you are a publicly traded toy company or are operating out of your mother-in-law's garage, pack your intelligence and industry experience along with your clothes and be prepared to add to the collective wisdom. And while you're at it, look in your rearview mirror for those who didn't attend. They'll wish they had.

Click here to register. You need to be there.


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