Bloomberg Reports: Toys R Us Is Missing Payments to Its Vendors

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Bloomberg is reporting that Toys R Us has stopped making payments to vendors. The article, "Toys ‘R’ Us Misses Vendor Payments", is written by Matthew Townsend who goes on to report that:  "Some of the people said they can’t get anyone to respond to questions at the retailer."

Townsend then ominously writes : "The bleak situation lends evidence to the notion that Toys “R” Us is moving toward winding down its U.S. operations for good."

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  1. The UK end of TRU went into liquidating its inventories yesterday, and will be 100% closed within 6 weeks. No credible offers were made, mainly because TRU management had made its corporate organisation so complicated that the business was unsaleable

  2. Hasbro, Mattel, Jakks, & LEGO… all suffering from the TRU disaster. Good!!! These companies don’t want anything to do with small stores, and now their darling is folding. I hope Walmart decides to cut back on them too, then maybe they’ll be interested in selling to the little guys again!

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