Guangzhou International Toy & Hobby Fair Company of the Week – “Taken Fun and Art Company”,

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Taken Fun and Art Co. construction toys allow enthusiasts to build and create art by using the company's basic building blocks to create any number of structures. This kind of open ended play allows children and adults to combine their imaginations with beautiful and unique components.

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Taken Fun and Art Co's parent company,  Metal Art,  is well known for making fine steel components for manufacturing. As a result, the company uses an Aluminum alloy in its building blocks. The metal components come in ten different shapes, each with both a right-handed and left-handed thread. This allows for a large number of  combinations so that the user can easily lengthen his or her creation, change an angle and / or make it bend, all while keeping tight, interlocking connections.

Currently, Taken Fun and Art Co products are sold in the U.S., Asia, China and Europe. Taken Fun and Art Co is looking to broaden its distribution in China and is actively looking for new distributors. 

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